Setting up a website can be a confusing thing, and you need a website, but you're busy running your business.
We know all the the things about the Internet that you don't care to know about. We'll give you the Coles Notes on what you need to know.
Then find you a Web Developer or service right for you, your business and your clients.


There are hundreds of services on the web where you can set up a free website in no time. But most of them don't provide you with the specific service that you and your clients need. Milkcrate Media is not a one-stop-shop for a website but we'll pick up where those other services left off and give you and your clients the full experience that you need.


There's a very fine line between good and bad design. Just because somebody has Photoshop on their computer doesn't make them a Graphic Designer. Whether is a corporate look or an avant-garde design for a unique project, we have you covered.


We specialize in promotional and live photography for bands and artists, but have done products, portraits, pets, events and all sorts of random shit.

Please contact us for rates.

Toronto/Guelph, Ontario, Canada